The guitar is truly an amazingly versatile instrument.  In its many forms it can be subtle and intimate to loud and aggressive - but always expressive.  I love to perform, and have played music in many settings. 


Restaurants: The guitar sets a beautiful backdrop of sound and creates an atmosphere that is both soothing and entertaining for patrons.  I have always enjoyed performing in this setting because of the closeness to the listeners and the ease of interaction with them. There is always something very cozy about performing in a restaurant.


Weddings:  What a special and joyous occasion!  It has been a pleasure for me to be able to perform at many wedding ceremonies during my career. I feel a special honor when performing at a wedding because I know the importance the event holds.  The guitar provides a very expressive and intimate touch to the ceremony, and I work closely with the bride and groom to choose the pieces. There are many standard pieces, but I am very open to trying new things to create the atmosphere that best suits the personal tastes of the people involved. 


Funerals:  There is something in music that is very human, that reaches the very core of who we are and  allows us to express that which is beyond words.  It seems to express that which transcends this life and speaks of eternity.  When someone we love dies, it is often music that accompanies our thoughts of them and moves our hearts as we remember.  The German word for funeral is 'Trauerfeier'  -  a celebration of mourning.  Playing the guitar at a funeral is one of the deepest and most solemn honors I have experienced.


Concerts:  Joe Satriani once said this about performing: 'The process of reaching out is sometimes really messy and ugly - I mean, you just fall flat on your face.' I like this  humble perspective a lot, because performing music is just that - reaching out. A concert setting is a very free format, because the performer gets to decide exactly how he or she wants to 'reach out'. Sometimes it is fun to take risks - and the audience gets to experience this first hand with the performer, since every live performance is a debut. Giving a concert is one of the most exciting settings for performance because of the freedom involved and because of the collective nature of the experience. 


       - Church Services

      - Art exhibitions

       - Wine Tastings/Special Events

       - Private Concerts


 ...the possibilities are endless!